The Learning from Museums and other Informal Spaces workshop, ETSA18 Johannesburg

Board Member BIO

Gugulethu Radebe’s last school position was as a history teacher at the Diocesan School for Girls in Grahamstown in 2017. She is also a student at the University of South Africa(UNISA) working towards a Bachelors in Education (B.Ed). She has a passion for women’s empowerment as well as education in South Africa, especially in regards to offering equal quality education for all learners. Inspired by a research project she conducted for the U.S. nonprofit Teach With Africa as part of their exchange programme, she has a strong interest in how the backgrounds of learners inform how they learn. Gugulethu, called Gugu, has also been a presenter at the Aspiring Teachers Summit hosted by the Global Teachers Institute entitled, The Teacher as a Social Activist, and wrote an article for The Teacher newspaper on the same topic. While working at Inanda Seminary in Durban where she went to school, Gugu received a fellowship to serve as the Director of Social Media for EdTech Summit Africa in 2015 and traveled with the international cohort conducting a workshop entitled, Teaching for the Future – The Changing Roles of Both Teachers and the Tools That Help Them. Gugu believes that technology is a strong tool to teach learners in a way that excites them and inspires them to give their very best. Through being part of the EdTech Summit Africa leadership team for three years now, she is hoping that South African teachers will be exposed to the exciting opportunities presented by technology and hopes to inspire teachers to explore the ever-evolving world of teaching and learning and technology with more confidence. Gugu currently serves as an Education Facilitator at the Durban Holocaust and Genocide Centre.